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AboutTolva and Ting:

Meet Ting, the cleverest Globot in Gloworld – a magical digital world where everything sparkles and glows. But, like you and me, Ting isn’t clever all the time; Ting can be very silly too! Tolva has no time for silly robots though, or greedy, angry or lazy ones either; these just get in the way of having a good time.

Ting leads a small family of Globots, a team of robot siblings who embark on exciting and extraordinary adventures, as they strive to complete the tasks set by Tolva, a formidable, loving, but sometimes rather stern, super computer.

Globots have the unique ability to reveal their moods through the colours they glow. They are a positive, fun loving bunch, charged up by the ‘Juice’ they get from Tolva; but when a Globot gets tired, and runs out of energy, they become a different robot altogether.

It is Ting’s responsibility to ensure Tolva gets the ingredients she needs to make the Juice; not always an easy task, particularly when the Globot whose help is needed is low on Juice and in a bad mood.

Through collaboration and using their combined range of talents – wisdom, friendship, generosity, and strength - they must overcome the problems caused by their negative states in order to complete the task at hand.

Tolva and Ting is an original take on classic themes - tiredness, over-excitement, getting angry, being greedy, lazy and silly. The Globot’s negative sides are always brought to light in an endearing and humorous way, helping children to explore their own mixture of emotions. As the Globots farm the electric orchard, herd the electric sheep and gather fallen stars, they learn that working hard and helping each other leads to just rewards.

When all is well Globots love nothing more than to dance and party!

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The Concept:

Sometimes we feel great, happy, buoyant and ready to take on the world, sometimes we just don’t. Ever feel like that? Ever feel grumpy, selfish or just a bit lazy?

Tolva and Ting is about exploring these feelings with a young audience. When sometimes we feel good and sometimes not so good; it’s about how these moods affect us, and the people around us; It’s about celebrating when we feel good and it’s about accepting help and finding the best way to work through problems when we don’t.

"Children will often behave in certain ways because of how they are feeling. Helping them to recognise these feelings and to see that they can change their feelings and thus their behaviour is an important part of their development. Parents and children can work together to better understand this relationship through helping the Globots to change their feelings, moods and behaviour.”
Maragret Sutherland. University of Glasgow.

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About Tolva’s Toy Box:

‘Tolva’s Toy Box’ is a growing range of fun and educational IOS apps for pre-school children that will aid the development of shape and colour recognition, and language and motor skills. Each game will utilise auditory, visual and kinetic senses. The series will go on to develop progressively advanced numeric, linguistic and problem solving skills.

The games boast high-quality, exciting and enticing animated sequences, which will serve as ‘prizes’ for successfully completing tasks.

Above all the games are great fun! Engaging the audience in a process of exploration; educating by stealth, rather than explicit teaching.

The games take into account the different learning styles of the individuals who play them and are designed to accomodate different levels of ability.

Developed with the support of Creative Scotland and the University of Glasgow. We strive to ensure the educational value of the Tolva and Ting games is of the highest level.

me and the giants

About Me and the Giants:

Me and the Giants are a Glasgow-based game studio who specialise in exciting, digital toys, designed to be shared between carers and young children.

We have a passion for education and the potential of new technology to revolutionise learning. Whilst education is our primary goal, from a user’s perspective education will be a by-product. This innovative approach seeks to bridge the gap between learning and leisure in games.

None of our games contain any 3rd party advertising or in-app purchases.