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Tolva and Ting

An action-packed world full of challenges, slapstick, adventure and emotion, for pre-schoolers and school starters.

We're excited to anounce the launch of Tolva’s Toy Box - a suite of 5 exciting Digital Toys for pre-schoolers themed around Emotional Literacy and basic math, developed with the support of Creative Scotland and the University of Glasgow.

Developed by Me and the Giants studio, the 4 games and 1 app feature the characters of Tolva and Ting: Globots from “the Land where Computers Dream”. Globots are robots with the unique ability to glow in different colours according to their moods. These loveable characters provide a platform around which children and carers can discuss their own feelings.

The games engage children in a process of exploration; educating by stealth, rather than explicit teaching; learning through fun and slapstick humour. The aim is always to get the Globots to dance, have fun and party!

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